Taverna Apolafsi

Taverna Apolafsi

Traditional Greek Dishes

On the Peninsula of Paliki facing Lassi, stands a taverna that has grown beyond all expectations. Like many of the established family businesses on the island, the Taverna is now being run by the next generation. Thanks to Babis and Spiros Mourelatos’ hard work and enthusiasm, the taverna has flourished into what we see today. However, it wasn’t an easy task for their father, Gerasimos Mourelatos, who first established the taverna from a very different background.

In the days before tourism was the main source of income, Gerasimos Mourelatos farmed the land to provide for his family. In between tending his crops, he travelled the length and breadth of the island entertaining the Kefalonian people with his music. Gerasimos Mourelatos was a renowned trumpet player. However, in 1967 he decided that his travelling days were over and opened a small cantina on Lepeda beach.

While Gerasimos was running his small cantina, his wife Tasia was helping the villagers of Lixouri celebrate their festivities by cooking traditional Greek dishes. Three years later in 1970 Gerasimos decided to build a small taverna on his family’s land, which overlooked the bay between Paliki and the main island of Kefalonia. He called it the Apolafsi. Thanks to Tasia’s cooking, the taverna became very popular to such an extent that in 1979 a large dining area was included. The local villagers took the opportunity to celebrate Christmas, Easter and also wedding and baptism parties at the Apolafsi and still do to this day. Live traditional Greek music is played regularly during the celebrations and famous Greek singers have also been known to perform at the Apolafsi.

As Tasia’s reputation grew for cooking traditional Greek dishes, tourists were starting to frequent the Taverna. In 1981 apartments were added and the Apolafsi became the first taverna in Lixouri to provide somewhere for the tourists to stay. Unfortunately Gerasimos is no longer with us but, Tasia still cooks her traditional Greek dishes, using produce grown locally, with the help of her daughter Maria, for the villagers and tourists alike, while her two sons, Babis and Spiros look after their guests.

The taverna may have changed and grown over the years but, the beautiful view over the bay is a sight to behold whether you visit the Apolafsi for a leisurely lunch or on a long summers evening.