Greek Food

Greek Salad

Greek Food

Having spent a care free day relaxing round the pool, the main topic of conversation is very often “where shall we eat tonight”?, Whether or not you are a regular visitor to the island the choice of where to eat can be a little daunting, especially as the menus all look very similar. You may find that when choosing a restaurant or taverna comfortable seating is high on the list of priorities, as you are likely to be spending some time there!

Some dishes are the same everywhere in Greece, whereas some are local culinary specialties. There may be variations in how the food is prepared and presented, vegetables may be served with the meal but, as it will vary from restaurant to restaurant, it is always best to ask what comes with the meal if you are unsure but, one thing is certain, the taste is exquisite.

As they say in Greece “Kali Orexi” or “Bon Appetite” (enjoy your meal)

Listed below are a few of the most popular dishes in Greece, pick a title from the list, then with your mouse click on the title.


Avgolemono - A soup made with rice, eggs and lemon
Dolamades - Vine leaves stuffed with rice and minced beef
Fasolatha - A bean soup with tomatoes
Fassolakia - Green beans cooked with tomatoes and onions
Feta Cheese - A soft white cheese made from goat or sheep‘s milk
Gigandes - Giant butter beans in tomato sauce
Horiatiki - Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, Feta cheese topped with olives and oregano
Keftedes - Small meatballs flavoured with garlic
Kolokithakia - Courgette either fried or boiled whole eaten cold with a lemon
Melitzanes - Aubergine either fried or in a sauce made with tomato or onion
Melitzanesalata - A puree made with Aubergine, Garlic and Olives
Olives - Black or Green, they are both very tasty
Saganaki - Fried Feta cheese
Spanakopita - Spinach pie made with Filo pastry
Taramasalata - A puree of fish roe with lemon and bread crumbs
Tiropita - Cheese pie made with Filo pastry
Tzatziki - A creamy yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip


Biftekia - Meatballs made with minced beef, onions and herbs
Brizola - Meat cutlets grilled and garnished with herbs
Fricassee - Small pieces of lamb or pork braised in egg and lemon sauce
Gyros - Minced lamb or beef that has been molded into a cone and roasted on a spit. The meat is sliced, then wrapped in a pita with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki, a cucumber sauce.
Kotopoulo - Chicken grilled or roasted
Mousaka - Layers of minced beef with aubergines, packed with herbs and topped with two types of cheese
Pastitsio - Layers of macaroni, cheese, mincemeat and béchamel sauce, with grated cheese sprinkled on top.
Sikoti - Liver grilled and then fried with garlic and herbs
Souvlaki - Lamb, chicken or pork grilled on a skewer
Stifardo - Meaty stew with beef and baby shallot onions, with a thick sauce which is made slightly sweet by the onions.


Baklava - Layers of Filo pastry with lots of nuts, honey and syrup, nice served with ice cream
Bougatsa - Flaky pastry with cream and cinnamon filling
Kadafi - Similar to Baklava
Rizogolu - Rice pudding
Yaourti - Yoghurt, with honey makes a delicious dessert


Nes - Nescafe
Frappe - Iced Coffee, very refreshing in hot weather
Glyco - Very sweet
Metrio - Medium sweet
Ligo Zachari - A little sugar
Sketo - Plain or without milk
Me Ghala - With milk
Horis Ghala - Without Milk