Learn to Speak Greek

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Some useful words to know

Although English is widely spoken in most areas, in some of the more remote towns and villages, you will still find some people who either speak very little English or only speak Greek. In which case you may find it useful to know some of the Greek language.

However, when greeting someone, it should be kept in mind that there are two forms of greetings. Formal / informal or plural. For instance - if you wish to say hello to someone you know well, you say "Yassoo", if you are speaking to a person you don't know very well or speaking to more than one person you say "Yassas".

The following is a guide to some of the more commonly used words.

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Hello / Goodbye formal Yassas
Hello / Goodbye informal Yassoo
Good morning formal Kalimerasas
Good morning informal Kalimera
Good afternoon formal Kalisperasas
Good afternoon informal kalispera
How are you? formal Ti kanete
How are you? informal Ti kanis
Very well   Poli kala


Yes (as in net without t) Ne
No   Ohi
Please (word with 2 meanings) Parakalo
You are welcome Parakalo
Thank you   Efharisto
Good   Kala
Very Good   Poli kala


Where is..........?   Poo-inay
Right   Thexia
Left   Aristera
Straight on   Thexion


I would like....... (th as in thin) Tha eethela
Have you got?   Ehis
How much?   Poso Kani
Expensive   Akrivos
Very Expensive   Poli akrivos
Cheap   Fthino
Cheaper   Fthinotera


Day   Mera
Sunday   Kiriaki
Monday   Thevtera
Tuesday   Triti
Wednesday   Tertarti
Thursday   Pempti
Friday   Paraskevi
Saturday   Savato
Week   Evthomatha
Today   Simera
Tomorrow   Avrio
The day after tomorrow   Methavrio
Yesterday   Ekthes
The day before yesterday   Prokthes


One All 'th' pronunciation as in 'This' Ena
Two   Thio
Three   Dria
Four   Tessera
Five   Penday
Six   Exi
Seven   Evta
Eight   Okto
Nine   Enea
Ten   Theka
Eleven   Entheka
Twelve   Thotheka
Thirteen   Theka-dria
Fourteen   Theka-tessera
Fifteen   Thekapenday
Sixteen   Theka-exi
Seventeen   Theka-evta
Eighteen   Theka-okto
Nineteen   Theka-enea
Twenty   Eekossee
Thirty   Drianda
Forty   Saranda
Fifty   Peninda
Sixty   Exinda
Seventy   Evthominda
Eighty   Ogthonda
Ninety   Eneninda
One hundred   Ekaton
One thousand   heelia
One million   Ena


Help   Voyeethea
Police   Astinomia
Fire   Forteear
Doctor   Yiatros
Hospital   Nosokomion

Our thanks to David Allen for his invaluable contribution