Myrtos Beach

myrtos beach

Myrtos Beach

One of the Best Beaches in Greece

Myrtos Beach, which must be one of the most photographed beeches in Greece, is situated within the Pylaros Valley region of Kefalonia on the north-west coast, a region designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Myrtos is a about 30 km north of Argostoli and a short distance from Assos and Agia Efimia. A steep winding road, about 2 km in length with hairpin bends, leads down to the beach from the village of Divarata. With it’s crystal clear waters and dazzling white pebbles, Myrtos was voted the best beach of Greece several years ago by the Greek ministry of tourism.

If you go by car, there is ample car parking at the base of the cliffs but, during the high tourist-season, there is a public bus service to and from Myrtos Beach, departing from the harbour area in Agia Efimia. Timetables can be found at the Tourist Information office in Agia Efimia. The bus stops on the road leading down to the beach, with a brief walk onto the beach.

Myrtos is possibly one of the most featured beaches in travel brochures and claimed to be one of the best beaches on Kefalonia. It is without doubt a beautiful beach to visit, the scenery is just stunning.