Novita Restaurant

Novita Restaurant


Kaminarata, which is situated high up in the hills overlooking Lixouri bay, Platia Ammos beach and near to the famous beach of Petani, is the least commercialised and second largest village on the Paliki peninsula, was also the home of Angelos and Elefteria Christoforatos.

When the big earthquake struck the island in 1953, some of the villagers moved to Athens but, at the age of 20, Angelos Christoforatos and his wife, Elefteria decided to emigrate to Germany to make a new start. They made their new home in Munich but, it was a difficult time having to adjust to a completely new lifestyle and not knowing anyone there at the time, especially as their parents, who they had been so close to, had moved to Athens after the quake. However, it wasn’t long before Elefteria found work in a clothing store while Angelos managed to find work at the BMW factory in Munich.

After a couple of years of working in the car factory, Angelos decided that he wanted to go back to his roots and opened a fruit shop in Munich, which included a takeaway selling traditional Greek food and wines which became very popular. To such an extent that several years later Angelos was able to open a second shop which became even more popular, especially among the local Greek community.

But, Angelos yearned to be back in Kefalonia and like many of the Greeks who left the island, he wanted to put something back in to the island where he and Elefteria grew up as youngsters.

In 1996 Angelos sold the first shop he opened in Munich and made plans to open a restaurant in Lixouri. The restaurant was called Novita
Novita's at Night
which means ’a new beginning’.

Novita was first opened in 1998 providing both international and traditional Greek cuisine and is very popular with Greek people and tourists alike. Angelos is still very much involved with running Novita’s with his son Konstantin, during the summer months. When both Angelos and Elefteria return to Munich in the winter, Konstantin remains in Lixouri where he has made his home with his young family.