Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Numbers and some useful Telephone Numbers

Whilst the hotels and apartments, where you are staying, may have a list of phone numbers on display, it is not always at the front of your mind to make a copy for when you may need them the most.

Included on this page are some telephone numbers that you may find useful while staying on Kefalonia. The phone numbers have been grouped together to make them easier to find and there is also a facility to print out the numbers should you want to keep a record.

The International dialling code for Kefalonia is +30 followed by the dialling code and then followed by a 5 digit number, if you are calling from outside Greece or using a mobile. When using a pay phone on the island, the number should start with the code followed by a 5 digit number.

To view the telephone numbers, just click on one of the title below.

Hospitals, Medical Centre‘s & Pharmacies

 Name  Code  Number
 Argostoli General Hospital  26710  246641 - 6
 Lixouri Mantzavinatio Hospital  26710  91194
 Sami Medical Centre  26740  22802
 Sami First Aid Centre  26740  222222
 Argostoli Pharmacies  26740  24015, 23245, 24795
 Lixouri Pharmacies  26740  91490, 93548, 93675

Local Police Stations

 Name  Code  Number
 Argostoli Police Station  26710  22200
 Argostoli Tourist Police  26710  22815
 Lixouri Police Station  26740  91207
 Sami Poloice Station  26740  22100
 Fiscardo Poloice Station  26740  41460

Port Athorities

 Name  Code  Number
 Argostoli Port Authority  26710  22224
 Lixouri Port Authority  26710  91400
 Sami Port Authority  26740  22031
 Poros Port Authority  26740  72460

Airpot, Bus Terminal & Taxi Stations

 Name  Code  Number
 Kefalonia Airport  26710  41511
 Argostoli Bus Station  26710  22281
 Athens Bus Station  210  5250785
 Lixouri Bus Station  26710  22276
 Argostoli Taxi Station  26710  26710 - 22700 - 18300
 Lixouri Taxi Station  26710  23801
 Fiscardo Taxi Station  26710  51496

British Embassy

 Name  Code  Number
 British Embassy (Athens)  +30 210  7272 600