Webcams in Lixouri


Webcams situated on the Grand Theatre

False Economy

Whether or not you have been to Kefalonia you may have at some point seen the live pictures being transmitted from Lixouri. You will have enjoyed the Carnival parades taking place on the sea front and watched the celebrations for which Greece is renown. The webcams were taken offline in June which will disappoint quite a few tourists especially as, thanks to various websites, the live pictures were broadcast worldwide for all to enjoy.

There have been 2 webcams situated on the Grand Theatre in Lixouri, since 2006. Prior to that, one of them was situated on the harbour police building, near to the quayside, showing live pictures of that area.

A few years before, there was also a live webcam situated in the Lithostroto Wayfarer, in Argostoli, near to the chapel of St Spyridonas but, unfortunately this was taken offline in February 2004. A selection of pictures from all these webcams can be seen on the slide show below.

The Greek economy has been blamed for taking the webcams offline but, this will not improve the situation especially for Kefalonia, which like many other Greek islands, will need all the help it can get to promote tourism. Let’s hope the officials who made this decision will have a change of heart and have the live webcams reinstated sooner rather than later.

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