Wines produced on Kefalonia

An Aperitif

When choosing a Wine

You will find that most restaurants will have a good choice of bottled wine, which are good inexpensive wines produced on Kefalonia. The island is famous for its excellent wine and has a great wine-growing tradition which has been a way of life for thousands of years, with the first references to wines with the taste of honey and the colour of ruby, made by Homer.

In addition to bottled wines, many tavernas have locally produced house wines which come from the barrel and are served in half kilo or kilo jugs.

If you prefer a bottled wine, listed below are some of the wine producers on Kefalonia, the wines they produce and their characteristics. With your mouse click on the producer to see their wines


Robola of Kephalonia PDO- San Gerasimo A wine with a strong complex flavour full of grapefruit, floral and honeyed aromas. Leesy on the palate with a long, fresh finish.
Robola of Kefalonia PDO Adry white wine With a fruity aromas and subtle taste, a unique, fresh and dynamic wine.
Plagies Ainou A dry white wine with a clear light yellow colour and fruity taste, floral aroma and lively acidity on the finish.
Organic Robola of Kephalonia PDO A dry white wine, rich aromas of citrus fruits, great character and intense, fresh aftertaste.
Brillante Blanc A white and rose table wines, crystal clear and perfectly balanced, with fruity muscat aromas and subtle taste
Linos A dry red wine with a dark ruby color, round body and soft tannins. Aromas that combine ripe fruits, nuts and wood. Subtle taste of vanila and cinammon.


Robola of Kefalonia VQPRD A fresh, crisp white wine, with citrus characteristics. Complex, balanced and dry, with an orange blossom nose and long finish
Gentilini Classico A perfectly balanced dry white wine with creamy fruit with honeyed overtones on the finish.
Gentilini Rose A dry wine with a bright pink colour and lively acidity. Fresh Muscat aromas of jasmine, rose petals and spice with fruity flavours
Gentilini Aspro A delightful aromas of honey, melon and orange blossoms. It has good body and a refreshingly crisp, long, dry finish.
Gentilini Syrah A dry, deep red wine which is spicy, full of ripe wild berries, with notes of vanilla and eucalyptus


Robola of Kefalonia VQPRD A dry white wine.
Retsina Traditional dry white wine made from local varieties, with the addition of natural resin.
Occhi di Mare Dry white wine made from Muscat grapes with a distinctive taste and aroma
Maestrato Semi-dry white wine made from Muscat and Tsaoussi
Muscat of Kefalonia A naturally sweet white wine
Nom de Rose A Rose dry and semi-dry wine
Castello di San Giorgio A dry red wine made from Mavrodaphne
Melitis Semi-sweet red wine made from local red varieties
Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia A naturally sweet red wine