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Robola Grapes


The famous Robola wine is native to Kefalonia and recent archaeological excavations have shown that grape cultivation was known in Greece as far back as Neolithic times. Today, with an annual production of 500 tonnes, Robola is exported throughout the world

Vineyards can be found throughout the island of Kefalonia with the most significant ones in the Omala Valley in the centre of the island which contains the Robola appellation zone, the Paliki peninsula and in the south of the island. The individual vineyards are small with low yields. Most of the grapes grown on the island are for winemaking with the rest going for currants. Around 90% of the grapes grown are white varietals with a small quantity of red grapes attracting interest because of their superior quality.

The vine thrives on poor limestone and gravely soils and grows best at mid to high titletiitudes. Flowering begins at the end of March and peak ripeness is reached from mid-August to mid-September

Robola Cooperative

The Robola Cooperative currently comprises of 300 members situated in the Omala and Troyiannata area, which is known as the Robola Zone. The Cooperative was formed in 1982 to promote Robola and to protect the interests of the grape growers in the appellation zone and is the largest wine making concern on Kefalonia.

Robola Cooperative

The first gathering of grapes was made in 1983, when bottling and marketing first began. In 1987 the Cooperative acquired its own winery, located in the center of the Robola Zone, at an altitude of 410 meters, just below the slopes of Mount Aenos and beside the Monastery of Saint Gerassimo, patron Saint of Kefalonia.

The winery, which is located a leisurely 20 min drive from Argostoli, is open to the public every weekday (including Good Friday, but except Christmas Day and New Years Day) for free tastings and purchases, 9am till 3pm. From May 1st to October 30th the winery is open 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm.

This text is an excerpt from The Robola Cooperative