Xi Beach

Antisamos Beach

Xi Beach

One of the Most Unique Beaches in Greece

Xi beach, which takes its name from the cove that has the same shape of the letter X in the Greek alphabet, is regarded as one of the most unique beaches in Greece. It has three small beaches with fine red sand and steep white-gray clay cliffs. The grey clay, according to the locals, have medicinal properties that can cure skin disorders and by mixing handfuls of the clay with sea water, to create a thick paste, it can be used as a sun block.

The shallow waters and the gentle waves create the ideal environment for families with small children. The beach, which is about 10 km from Lixouri, in the south of the Paliki peninsula, is easily accessed by car or public buses from Lixouri. It is one of the best organized beaches of Kefalonia, with deck chairs, straw umbrellas and sun-beds, mainly because the landscape here is flatter than the rest of the island. There are also several Tavernas providing cool drinks and meals along the lengthy stretch of beach. There is a water sports centre which has jet skis and banana rides for the more adventurous types, and the beach flies the Blue Flag

The beach is a 4 km strip of red coloured sand which is up to 50 m wide in places. When approaching the beach, several roads branch off and come out at different locations along its length. It has a pleasant atmosphere and attracts tourists of all nationalities.